Our Team

At Giannino, we pride ourselves on being a dedicated team driven by passion and professionalism. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of what we do. We have crafted an unparalleled dining experience that promises to delight your senses and transport you to the heart of Italy. We can’t wait to extend our warmest welcome to you at Giannino.

Agnese brings a distinctive perspective to the hospitality industry, drawing upon her extensive understanding of the maritime world, especially in international shipping. With a background encompassing operational management and adeptness in managing multilingual teams, Agnese's tenure at a prominent maritime agency has refined her skills in navigating intricate relationships with foreign clients and correspondents while excelling in meeting stringent deadlines. Her immersion in the maritime domain has moulded her into a professional with a sharp attention to detail and a talent for effective communication.

Now, Agnese channels her expertise into the hospitality sector, specifically within the vibrant ambiance of Giannino, a Mayfair Italian restaurant. Focused on commercial and managerial responsibilities, she stands ready to leverage her strategic acumen and dedication to excellence, ensuring unparalleled guest experiences and driving business triumph in the dynamic realm of upscale dining.

General Manager

Inspired by his Tuscan roots and a lifelong respect for ingredients, Nicola is a natural born perfection chaser: he was 17 years old when he stepped inside his first Michelin starred restaurant (Butterfly, Lucca) and 22 when he ventured into Enrico Bartolini's 3 Michelin starred kitchen. Striving for the perfect balance of craft, terroir and innovation he is also indeed guided by a major sweet tooth for Italian tradition: don't feed him his own lasagna or he will get emotional.

Head Chef

Certains clichés are just true: like, one born in Piedmont naturally applies a human-centric approach to hospitality philosophies. Alessia has had a remarkable career having spent time at many prestigious restaurants and patisseries. Since joining Giannino Mayfair as Head Waiter, she has been committed to delivering carefully executed service at the highest standard, ensuring that every detail in your customers journey is taken care of. Alessia has recently evolved to Maitre and the wine list she has curated is quite the opposite from being a cliché, showcasing natural wine making and unconstrained by label or region. Her baking skills are just icing on the cake: she is the one in charge of our must-try charity Christmas Panettone.

Maître d’