Sartoria Rossi

Giannino Mayfair London is thrilled to announce a collaboration with Sartoria Rossi, a renowned family business that has grown into a major international establishment over the years.

Established in 1979 in Marciano della Chiana, in the province of Arezzo, Sartoria Rossi embodies the passion and entrepreneurial vision of founders Adriana Rossi and Elio Falcai. Together, they created an entirely Italian-made sartorial product, steeped in tradition and crafted amidst the stunning Tuscan countryside.

Today, Sartoria Rossi stands as a beacon of excellence, with over 70 skilled tailors infusing each garment with the hallmarks of their family's craft. From timeless collections to exquisite pieces designed for ceremonies and events, Sartoria Rossi's creations find their way to discerning customers worldwide through eighteen exclusive retail outlets on Italy’s premier shopping streets and beyond.

This collaboration between Giannino Mayfair London and Sartoria Rossi represents a fusion of heritage, craftsmanship, and elegance. Together, we aim to bring forth unique offerings that embody the essence of Italian sartorial excellence, catering to the refined tastes of our esteemed clientele.

Stay tuned for exciting updates as we embark on this journey together, celebrating the timeless artistry and impeccable style that define both Giannino Mayfair London and Sartoria Rossi.