This was Giannino, before it became a famous trattoria frequented by the international jet set. A fiaschetteria with a kitchen whose fame, which started on the outskirts of the city, began to spread throughout Milan at the end of the 19th century. Later on, the regular customers, workers and clerks, began to sit at the table and call them ``i sciuri``. So Giannino became bigger and a few more tables were added. Giannino was changing, as was his Milan, but what always remained intact was the nature of the mescita and the friendliness.

Giannino moved to the centre of Milan, where it became the restaurant of choice for aristocrats. After the Second World War, it attracted not only the Milanese elite, but also the 'creme de la creme' of those visiting the city. Hollywood actors and renowned poets, scientists and politicians of the twentieth century experienced Giannino's hospitality. Portraits of many of them still decorate the walls of the restaurant today. A customer of Giannino's can enjoy the same unique welcome, whether in Milan or London. Today Giannino, with its 120 years of history, is awarded the Targa di appartenenza ai Locali Storici d'Italia, officially entering the renowned Guide.